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Arkangel Creations is launched

At first I did not know how my love for music, arts, storytelling, and ideas were to be utilized to upgrade people and bring them closer to God while making it a full time endeavor. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback of the "Into the Deep" conference delegates who have encouraged me to pursue and take the risk to dive in and create. The testimonies I have received from some individuals really moved me to the point that this risk I am taking is definitely going to be worth it. I am so moved by the physical healing of people and their divine experiences, testifying their breakthroughs with tears in their eyes of how much the sounds from both the worship and meditation sessions have brought them these miraculous breakthroughs! I know it is time to shift gears and go on ahead and release more of these sounds. There is nothing more rewarding in my life when I see people forever changed because they have encountered the Divine and using what little I have been blessed with as an instrument for that to happen. I am very much thankful for the few people that helped me made this happen. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ (you know who you are), my bosses at work, and most of all my supporting family and friends who championed me to follow my dreams as a Renaissance man. I love you all. May every fruit of my labor and my creations truly bless the nations! Shalom!

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