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Project: Edenstate - Guided meditation by Arkangel

This was the catalyst of this venture. I created my own guided meditation to help one of my beloved disciple (as well as myself), to strengthen our minds in preparation for what Yahweh is going to be releasing on this next era. It just so happen my boss assigned me to do meditations along with worship in the "Into the Deep" conference with Kirby de Lanerolle as the main speaker. I am already stoked that I got to minister side by side with one of my heroes. So I played one of the tracks I made, and the feedback I got from that was absolutely life moving. One lady was weeping as she was describing her experience because for years she has been trying to "see" and to know what intimacy toward the Lord really feels like...and she never got to experience it...until now. One lady was healed from a year of pain on her neck and ears area, and just by breathing... it popped and then the pain just left! I wish I could record more of these testimonies but these were enough to propel my desire to make more.

Please, download the album for whatever monetary "trade" you feel like the Lord is leading you. Be one of the first sower to this budding ministry of releasing this new sound to the earth and help me bless more people! Help me bless the nations!

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